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The Tisio family of thin-client terminals, together with the Tisio Device Manager (TDM) remote management software, provide high quality desktop and mobile solutions at a very reasonable price, satisfying all of today's requirements for thin-client computing. Find out more on the Tisio product line by clicking here.

ThinPATH Plus V3 for Windows 2003 SP1/R2. ThinPATH Plus V3 provides support for serial, parallel and USB peripherals on PCs and   select thin clients connected to Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Services running server-based applications. The ease of setup and full control of virtual device mapping makes ThinPATH Plus a great tool where your Terminal Server RDP session applications require access to local USB, Serial and Parallel peripherals. Learn more on how ThinPATH Plus V3 enhances Terminal Services by clicking here.

Delivering X Windows Emulation to Microsoft Windows Desktops & Thin Client devices, PC-Xware provides users a simple way to access UNIX or Linux server-based X applications. Upgrade to Version 6 today to uncover the full potential of your Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2003 desktop environments. Click here for more details.


ThinPATH PC Suite Version 4.1 can easily turn those ordinary, hard to manage PCs into the most powerful Thin Clients. ThinPATH PC Suite gives you the Control and Security of a desktop thin client device but with all the Power and Flexibility of a PC - the best of both worlds.
Click here for more details.