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Customer Testimonials


ThinPATH Systems is proud of our integerity, superb products, and attention to our customer's unique needs.

Here are a few customer testimonials to share and confirm that doing business with ThinPATH Systems, Inc. makes good business sense!

Bull HN, Russ Guenthner, PhD

"We are long time users of several dozen licenses of PC-Xware…. it is the only X solution that we found that ever really worked for complex displays with many colors and levels of transparencies. Whoever wrote that really knew what they were doing, as opposed to most (all) of the others. It is not apparent at first when you try other products that they do not really faithfully work properly. It is only when you really get down to work that one finds only PCXware really handles all the X commands properly."

Chinatrust Bank USA, Zulin Deng, IT
Torrance, CA. www.chinatrustusa.com

"Chinatrust Bank (USA) relies on superb computer network technology in our business practices as well as implementing superb products for our customers. ThinPATH Systems, Inc., a leader in high end thin-client hardware and software technology continues to meet our goals. They provided excellent service and led us in new technology integration."

NOAA (Hurricane Research Division), Joe Griffin, IT www.noaa.gov

"Ginger and Marty have been quite nice. Marty was extremely helpful getting the units set up. For our UNIX use, these ThinPATH devices work great. Once they are set up they can pretty much be forgotten from a system administration point of view. No worrying about patches, viruses, worms, etc."

Summit Information Resources, Melissa Freeman, ISR
Eagan, MN. www.summitir.com

"The customer service I've experienced with ThinPATH has been top notch. Not only is there ease in dealing with them, there is true care and concern in making sure orders are complete and lead-times are accurate. Quality in hardware is exemplary!

Starland School, Gary Kleinsasser, IT
Gibbon, MN. www.starlandschool.org

"ThinPATH is an exceptional product and is unique in its class. After a two week search I stumbled across the perfect product for my infrastructure, ThinPATH PC Suite. I am now at ease with a secure, flexible, and manageable product in place. Support for the product is exceptional, with super fast response times."