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PCXware Product Codes

PC-Xware Classic and PC-Xware for Multi-user provides easy access to UNIX and Linux server-based computing applications by integrating your X11 applications seamlessly with your traditional Windows applications. PC-Xware Classic is designed for individual user PCs where PC-Xware Multi-user is designed for Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, offering X11 windows support within Microsoft's Remote Desktop (RDP) or Citrix Metaframe ICA protocols. PC-Xware is licensed per user.
Product Codes
PC-Xware Single User License
PC6710-5 PC-Xware 5 Pack License
PC6710-10 PC-Xware 10 Pack License
PC6716 PC-Xware Upgrade Single User License
PC6716-5 PC-Xware Upgrade 5 Pack License
PC6716-10 PC-Xware Upgrade 10 Pack License
PC6720PC-Xware Annual Subscription Plus, 1 Year Software Updates and E-mail Support