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Version 6.0

X Windows
Emulation to your
PCs & Thin Client Devices

Do you...

  • Need remote access to UNIX/Linux applications ?
  • Need a simplified interface to X Window applications?
  • Want support for both PC and Windows Thin Clients?
  • Require proven X11 server Reliability & Performance?
  • Need compatible on the latest Windows operating systems?

NCD PC-Xware® Version 6.0

PC-Xware Version 6 provides a simple way to access UNIX or Linux server based X Windows applications from your PC or thin client desktops. Our PC X server software is capable of displaying X11 Windows applications side-by-side with your Microsoft Windows desktop sessions. New features include:

  • Multi-user and multi-windows session aware
  • Optimized for Microsoft Windows® XP SP2 & Windows 2003 Server SP1 for faster performance.
  • Improved X server reliability & performance
  • Connects PC and Thin Client users to X Windows applications on any host
  • Linux Compatibility
  • Updated Licensing Model

Multi-user aware - PC-Xware v6 connections are managed for each individual user. Under Windows XP Pro, while switching between users, PC-Xware sessions are retained along with Windows RDP user sessions. PC-Xware v6 functions inside RDP or ICA remote sessions and supports multiple RDP active and disconnected sessions under Windows XP. Under Windows 2000/3 Server in Remote Control mode (RDP), 2 active PC-Xware sessions are allowed. PC-Xware fully supports Windows 2000/3 RDP or ICA Terminals Server sessions. Please note, a PC-Xware licenses is required for each active PC-Xware session under Microsoft Terminal Services.

Initiating PC-Xware Connections - PC-Xware connections are now automatically added to the start menu under Start>PC-Xware Connections.

Improved Performance - PC-Xware's Xserver, the industry standard work horse for legacy UNIX applications, has been optimize to be even faster under Windows XP and Windows 2003. The new optimized Xserver for Windows is the fastest
PC-Xware ever.

Optimized for thin client Server-based Computing - PC-Xware is also an ideal solution for organizations running Microsoft Windows Terminal Services. ThinPATH PC-Xware is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Service or Citrix Systems MetaFrame Presentation Server to provide X Windows emulation for remote RDP or ICA sessions.

Full Linux Compatibility - PC-Xware is fully compatible with Linux Red Hat, Fedora, Suse and other Linux versions. Some enhancements include compatibly with the Display Manager GDM, Window sessions KDE and Gnome.

Designed for Windows XP SP2 & Windows 2003 SP1 - PC-Xware Version 6 software is designed to be fully tested to be compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Services Pack 2 and Windows 2003 Service Pack 1. NCD PC-Xware fully supports the integrated Windows Firewall and provides Windows users individually managed X sessions and configurations.

New Licensing model to support upgrades and maintenance releases - A new licensing model supports the ability to manage software updates and upgrades from previous versions of PC-Xware. PC-Xware Version 6.0 now offers an optional PC-Xware Annual Subscription Plus license to manage future updates. Also available is a PC-Xware Upgrade license to support customers moving from PC-Xware Version 5 to Version 6.


PC-Xware Version 6 datasheet

Download PC-Xware Evaluation Software