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ThinPATH PC Turn Your PC into a Manageable
Thin Client

Try it Out!


Turn Your PC into a
manageable Thin Client!

ThinPATH PC is a software product for PC desktops to make them less intrusive, easier to use and more manageable. ThinPATH PC replaces the traditional Windows desktop with a Windows Based Terminal desktop. To try out ThinPATH PC now, we will take you to our live, internet ThinPATH Portal server to easily convert your PC to a Manageable Thin Client.

ThinPATH PC hides the Windows desktop to make it easier to secure user access to the local PC's resources.

ThinPATH PC V4 now offers users a choice of a Connection Manager Window (Windows Based Terminal style UI ) or the traditional Windows style UI. Both User Interfaces (shown right) offer simple and easy access to both local and server based applications.

For companies moving to server-based computing, ThinPATH PC offers an inexpensive method to convert existing PCs into Thin Clients.

Click here to test drive NCD ThinPATH PC now!