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Go Green with Tisio Thin Clients 

With the Tisio thin clients, your company can enjoy the richness of the PC experience without the associated management costs and endless replacement cycles of the PC. The Tisio products provide high performance access to server-based applications over RDP and ICA protocols, includes audio input and output and a range of local peripheral connectivity options.

Tisio 96 Series Thin-Client Advantage
  • The Tisio 96 Series End user pricing starts at $279
  • High performance (1.0 GHz processor) thin-client hardware
  • Small foot print desktop device, only 9 inches tall
  • Remote management software (Tisio Device Manager) included
  • Direct replacement for aging NCD ThinSTAR products
  • Offers Reliable & Quiet operation for years

Tisio 96CE
Tisio 96XP
Tisio 96LX

Security Benefits- With sensitive information stored on the server and with limited access to local devices, your data remains compliant with privacy regulations. Local administrative application control gives an extra level of security against viruses and other malware.

Reliable & Quiet- All Tisio Thin Client devices offer noiseless operation and improved hardware and software reliability over traditional PC devices.

Centralized Management - Centralized Management support is included with every Tisio thin-client terminal. The Tisio Device Manager (TDM) remote management software offers a rich yet simple management tool to centrally control all your Tisio devices.

Choice of Operating Systems - Tisio thin client offers three operating systems you can choose to meet your varying demands.

  • Windows CE 5.0 - The traditional Windows Based Terminal operating system
  • Windows XP Embedded - Extends the functionality of the traditional Windows Based Terminal, offering local application flexibility without the headache of traditional PC maintenance
  • Tisio Linux - Open Source Software with the functionality of the traditional Windows Based Terminal
  Tisio Data Sheets
Tisio 96 (CE, XPe, LX) Desktop Tisio Device Manager