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ThinPATH Evaluation Software

ThinPATH Systems offers a number of its software products for customer evaluation. Evaluations are time-limited only to approximately 30 days and customer registration ensures that the evaluation license key is sent directly to your email account. If you are not already registered, the process is quick and simple and a link to the registration page is provided here (Benefits of registering and Become a registered customer).

Tisio Device Manager (More info...)

Product Size    
Tisio Device Manager V1.7 44.65 MB Documents Download

ThinPATH PC and ThinPATH Portal (More info...)

Product Size    
ThinPATH PC client only - New 19.58 MB Documents Test Drive
ThinPATH Portal v4.1
44.59 MB Documents Download
ThinPATH Portal v4.0
41.16 MB Documents Download
NCD ThinSTAR Software (OS and Client Software) Download

ThinPATH Tools, Extends MS Terminal Services (More info...)

Product Size    
ThinPATH Desktop Mirror v1.10.5 5.95 MB Documents Download

ThinPATH Plus V3.0.4.0 - New
For Windows 2003 SP1/SP2/R2

7.51 MB Documents Download

ThinPATH Plus v2.11.7 -
For Windows 2000, NT 4.0

15.7 MB Documents Download
ThinPATH Load Balance v2.11.7 3.2 MB Documents Download

PC-Xware (More info...)

Product Size    
PC-Xware Version 6
X Windows Emulation for Windows
(Windows 2000/XP Pro & Windows 2000/3 Server); For Windows 7 & Vista support see FAQ note.
15.27 MB Documents Download
PC-Xware Version 5
X Windows Emulation for older PCs (Windows 95/98/NT)
15.08 MB Documents Download

Miscellaneous Software (More info...)

Product Size    
ThinPATH X Windows 6.56 MB Documents Download
ThinPATH teemtalk 4.02 MB Documents Download
ThinPATH Manager v2.31 and
ThinSTAR Operating Software v2.31
40 MB Documents Download

More Information on ThinPATH Systems Products

Tisio Device Manager - Device management software for the Tisio line of Thin Client devices. Provides full configuration and management of all Tisio devices, whether running Windows XPe, CE or embedded Linux. MORE...

ThinPATH PC - ThinPATH PC software transforms PCs into thin clients to significantly reduce PC desktop support and maintenance costs for server-based computing environments. MORE...

ThinPATH Portal - ThinPATH Portal is an evolutionary tool that empowers your IT department to easily manage and deploy thin client desktops, whether they are PCs converted to thin clients by the ThinPATH PC Software, NCD's ThinSTAR Windows Based Terminals or other selected thin client devices. MORE...

ThinPATH PC Demo - ThinPATH PC can be downloaded from our ThinPATH Portal server located on the Internet. Install it on a PC to try out the connection manager and see how you can quickly turn any PC into a manageable Thin Client. TRY OUT NOW...

ThinPATH Executive Software

ThinPATH Desktop Mirror - This product enables remote, centralized desktop support for installation on PCs and ThinSTAR thin clients. Support staff can request to "mirror" another user at any resolution or color scheme and use both the keyboard and mouse devices. They can view the entire desktop including terminal emulations, web browser, and setup/configuration screens, and correct problems without traveling to the user's desktop. MORE...

ThinPATH Plus V3 - Enhances Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Services by providing support for devices that are connected to the desktop through parallel and serial ports. With ThinPATH Plus V3 , customers can support industry-specific applications that require local attachment of printers, PDAs, readers and other devices. ThinPATH PLus V3 supports Windows 2003 SP1 & R2 Releases.

ThinPATH Plus - Enhances both Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame by providing support for devices that are connected to the desktop through parallel and serial ports. It also provides local drive mapping and Windows NT and 2000 audio input and 16-bit output (Wav or AVI files). With ThinPATH Plus, customers can support industry-specific applications that require local attachment of printers, PDAs, readers and other devices. ThinPATH PLus V2.11 supports only Windows 2000 Server and Windows NT 4.0 TSE. MORE...

ThinPATH Load Balancing - Enables Microsoft's RDP protocol to automatically direct end-users to the server with the lightest load in a Terminal Services cluster. Using ThinPATH Load Balancing software, Systems Administrators can easily manage and deploy server-based published applications in environments of PCs and Windows Based Terminals (NCD ThinSTARs or Neoware Eon, Capio, Capio_One, e100, and e300 with Windows CE 3 to 4.2). End-users will enjoy optimal session performance and transparent access to server-based applications.


NCD PC-Xware® V6.0 - from ThinPATH Systems Inc. provides a simple way to access UNIX or Linux server based X Windows applications from your PC or thin client desktops. Our PC-Xware software is capable of displaying X Windows applications side-by-side with your Microsoft Windows desktop sessions. NCD PC-Xware® V5 is also available offering X windows emulation for older Microsoft operating systems. NCD PC-Xware has over 12 years in the market place as a viable and proven solution. MORE...

Miscellaneous Software

ThinPATH X Windows - Provides a local X11 Windows Server for ThinSTAR 200, 300, 400, and 450 models.

ThinPATH teemtalk - Provides local terminal emulators for the ThinSTAR 200, 232, 300, 400, 450, 500, and 332 models.

ThinPATH Manager and Legacy ThinSTAR Operating Software - A comprehensive set of management tools that enables the remote configuration and administration of Legacy ThinSTAR thin clients from a central location.