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Software Patches and Updates

ThinPATH Software

ThinPATH PC Suite and related products

These patches are for ThinPATH PC Suite software family of products version The current version V4.1.75.0 is available from our Download Center.

Patch Update 1- ThinPATHPCRelease.exe - V Corrects a Windows 98 Installation problem and a situation where ThinPATH PC UI would not start correctly. See the Installation notes for full details on this patch.

Patch update 2 - Tisio96.zip - This update to ThinPATH Portal corrects the issue where Tisio 96CE devices could not be moved into a Group. For installation details please refer to the Install.txt file included in the Patch 2 download.

Patch update 3 - RemoveThinPrint.zip - This patch removes ThinPrint from ThinPATH Tisio 96 CE devices. It will fix the problem with ThinPrint stealing focus from the RDP
login window. For installation details please refer to the Remove_ThinPrint.txt file included in the Patch 3 download.

Patch update 4 - Ncdsrv_1471.zip - This update adds additional settings for the Tisio 96CE devices to be managed by the ThinPATH Portal server. These include auto restart, shutdown options and resolution. For installation details please refer to the Readme_Ncdsrv.txt file included in the Patch 4 download.

Patch update 5 - Tisio96rdp.exe - This updates the RDP client in Tisio 96CE with V1.6. It adds the ability to enter a Domain or User name when Auto Login mode is not selected when creating and editing RDP connections. To install just run the patch on the ThinPATH Portal server.